The Dubai Mall, UAE

Dubai Malls Open Back Up After Strict Lockdown

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The Dubai Mall, UAE

For the last month, Dubai has been on a strict lockdown and the city’s gargantuan malls were not spared the restrictions. But as of this week, malls are allowed to open back up, but that doesn’t mean that things are back to normal. 

Malls will be open at just 30 per cent capacity. The same capacity restrictions have been applied to practically every establishment in the UAE. As for timings, Dubai’s malls will be open from 12pm to 10pm, a shift from its usual 10am-11pm opening hours. 

The ease of restrictions has also come with its own set of rules for consumers. Prevention of COVID-19’s spread remains a top priority, which means that all shoppers must practice social distancing and limit their shopping time to three hours, otherwise they may find themselves at risk of a fine.

It goes without saying that wearing a mask is a requirement. Those not wearing masks will face a fine of 1,000 dirhams. As of April 16, Dubai police announced that they’ve issued 10,286 fines for failure to wear medical masks.

Among many other reasons, the move was made in a bid to curtail retailers’ plans to furlough their employees. Even at 30 per cent capacity, the reopening of malls could prove to be a step towards alleviating the pandemic’s effects of businesses.

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