Dubai Gets Its First Members Club

A home away from home for the city’s creative community

Traditional workspaces are a thing of the past. Thanks to the internet, most millennials have said goodbye to overcrowded offices in favour of flexible co-working spaces.


This month, Dubai joins the wave with its new members-only workspace and social club, Nasab. The concept, launched by the Dubai-based real estate company KOA, is the first of its kind in the emirate.



“Our main aim throughout the development of Nasab has been to develop a space where creatives, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals have a place to set up homes-away-from-home,” says its founder and CEO of KOA Mohammed bin Zaal in a statement.


The space—designed by local award-winning architectural firm T.ZED Architects and renowned interior designer Fran Hickman—spans a sprawling three floors and will offer its members private offices, open desk spaces, meetings rooms, a photography studio, a fitness studio and spa, a meditation room, a screening room, gallery, and multiple event spaces.  And if that wasn’t enough, members will also have access to the club’s rooftop infinity pool.




“We wanted to create a space that works as a refuge where great things can happen for our members, a place in which they can effectively work as well as dine, attend events, meet like-minded individuals and form collaborations,” explained bin Zaal.


Ahead of the launch, bin Zaal handpicked Nasab’s founding members himself, with the list made of some of the city’s celebrated creatives, including DJ Fatma Al Bakry, interior designer Linda Dekkers, singer Layla Kardan, photographer Moez Achour, among others.




Members can expect an immersive schedule that includes film screenings, musical performances, political talks, and art exhibitions, designed and tailored for young professional creatives.


Nasab is now accepting applications

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