6 Emirati IG Accounts to Follow

From certified royalty to emerging designers

Instagram is overly saturated with celebrities, influencers, and brands—all desperately vying for your attention—so MILLE did the scouring so you don’t have to.

From certified royalty to local designers, we shortlisted six Emirati profiles guaranteed to provide an exclusive glimpse into the tiny Gulf country.

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Amal Murad is fitness enthusiast, parkour coach, motivational speaker, and a calisthenics instructor. Her feed is full of workout routines, nutrition and general lifestyle tips and is a sure fire way to get you motivated to hit the gym.

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The Emirati prince keeps up a pretty busy lifestyle. By following his page, you’ll also get an inside look into the royal family, his travels and the occasional selfie from the Ruler of Dubai himself.

Founder of Thamanyah—the Dubai-based, Michele Lamy co-signed label modernizing the traditional kandura—Ahmed Abdelrahman is a must-follow. From his occasional selfies, beautiful scenery, and snaps of his favourite landmarks in the UAE, Abdelrahman definitely keeps it interesting.

Jewellery designer Alia Bin Omair, founded her label to reflect her heritage—so all her pieces are inspired by the UAE. On her profile you’ll find beautiful shots of the dainty jewels, and sometimes a rare peak of Alia herself.  

Founded by two artists who have previously worked with Tashkeel, What the Mobius is one of the coolest design studios coming out of the UAE.

Reem Falaknaz is an Emirati photographer based in Dubai. Through her Instagram you’ll get a look into the world through her eyes. She regularly posts photos of her photography, and often shares her love for all things vintage on her stories, posting all her adventures searching throughout the region.

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