An Exclusive Look at Repossi’s Latest Campaign Video

The label redefining the fine jewellery business

The name Repossi is one you’ve probably heard of. The Italian fine jewellery brand has been in the business since the 1920s and has since maintained its status as a renowned luxury brand.


The label has reached new heights over the last decade—largely due to the artistic direction of Gaia Repossi, whose transformed the business her great grandfather started, from a classic fine jewellery brand into one with a cult-like following.


The artist-turned-designer abandoned traditional practice, creating their now-iconic Berbere Collection in 2010—the same year she collaborated with Alexander Wang for his F/W runway show – firmly cementing the label’s presence in the contemporary fashion scene.


The brand even strayed away from run-of-the-mill advertising, choosing to plaster posters all over out Paris for their latest campaign for the new Antifer collection. “Wild posters was an edgy and unconventional way for us to reveal those new bracelets, in-line with our DNA and with the image of the House, pushing the boundaries of the traditional jewelry world,” said Richard Reocreux, Repossi’s Middle East Regional Director.


The brand also shot a short film in Paris, featuring the new collection with Gaia Repossi—and MILLE got an exclusive look.



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