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Flippter is the Rapper Empowering Sudanese Youth

This is what it looks like when comedy meets politics

You might know Loay Karim as Flippter, and if that name doesn’t ring a bell, you might have come across his recently released (and instantly viral) rap parody Tamees on Telfaz11.


Although his work with Telfaz11 has always been comedic in its delivery, Flippter has decided to switch things up now and pursue a career as a fully-fledged—conscious—rapper.


The Saudi-based, Sudanese rapper, who also founded creative agency Dogar Entertainment, released his first hit, Gorasa, almost two years ago, garnering over 700,000 views. In line with his signature humorous approach, the video—which features a cameo by none other than Saudi comedian Mohammed Alhamdan—sees the rapper seamlessly bring attention to Saudi stereotypes of Sudanese people while flitting between English and Arabic lyrics.


After taking a two-year hiatus, Flippter jumped back on the scene last month with a new release, entitled Hatred. With its politically charged lyrics, the song was an instant hit, which makes sense when you consider the current political climate and consequent revolution that’s sweeping the streets in Sudan in revolt against the regime of Omar Al-Bashir.


In the track, Flippter unabashedly calls out the Sudanese government, condemning it not only for its corruptness but the violence that’s been implemented against protestors—with an overarching message of resilience.


Watch it here:

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