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Get Beach Ready with These Regional Swimwear Brands

Summer is officially here.

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Temperatures have been on a constant rise these past few weeks, and that only means one thing: beach days are finally upon us. Who hasn’t been craving their daily dose of sun, drinks and sea? It’s been a long year and there’s no doubt that we all collectively deserve a laid-back chill vacation by the shore.

But as is the case every summer, the question is: how do you remain fashionable with so few layers to put on. Not to worry though, we got you covered. 

We know how daunting of a task it can be. Whether you don’t want to reveal too much, or want to reveal it all, the hunt for the right apparel is anything but easy. That’s why we’ve stockpiled a small list of regional swimwear brands to go and pry on for an assured snazzy summer

Hadia Ghaleb 


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Dubai-based influencer Hadia Ghaleb has just unveiled her latest clothing collection centred around modest fashion cannons of dressing. Ghaleb’s latest endeavour seeks to offer a tailored selection of swimwear suits that wants to appeal to women of different backgrounds in an effort to bridge the void between veiled and unveiled women through fashion. The colourful line promotes inclusivity by bringing diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles together under one unique and exclusive set.

Lady K 

The part-English part-Egyptian based label seeks to prove that modest clothing and feeling on-trend can both definitely go hand in hand. All of their swimwear features innovative fabrics and creative designs without sacrificing functionality or style. All items are made of quick-drying, opaque, and UV-certified fabrics and only made in 10 pieces of each size. Head there quick because once they’re gone, they’re gone.



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Through a fitted collection of bottoms, KAI Collecti is an Egyptian swimwear brand that boasts some high standards of quality and style. Made for the everyday man who is bold, confident, and unique, their prints want to appeal to a wide audience as they are inspired by everyday life and cater to all different tastes and vibes.



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Une publication partagée par Lebain (@lebain_swimwear)

Hailing from Morocco, from Marrakesh to be precise, Lebain was created to offer adaptable beachwear pieces that will make you stand out and noticed at any summertime evening party. The multi-functional day-to-night designs by Lebain were intended to make a powerful statement when wearing and yet feel confident and comfortable at the same time. 

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