danny hajjar

Get Poolside Ready With Danny Hajjar’s Sun-Soaked Playlist

To boogie your way into the summer

danny hajjar

June is just around the corner which makes it official: winter days are clearly over and summertime vibes are finally back. Providing us with just the right amount of positivity to make up for the past six month’s of relative cold, poolside parties are about to become the new currency of exchange again with mock-tails and all sorts of refreshing mezzes playing with your palette when out to tap toes. 

But can this period even be complete without the right tunes, and soon-to-become anthems, to soundtrack your days under the beaming sun? If any of you are still struggling to nitpick the right tracks to lay back and relax to, we got you covered ! 

For the occasion, we called on Lebanese curator, Danny Hajjar, to put the ultimate summer playlist up together. The 31-year-old opinion leader is mostly recognised for his newsletter, Sa’alouni El Nas, where he invites fellow Arab personalities to ask them five sonic related questions every week. From what gets his guests hyped to which song gets them into their feels, Hajjar’s latest brainchild is an easy of access staircase to digitally discover gem tracks ranging all the way from pop to funk, rock and rap. 

Known for constantly putting the spotlight on music of all kinds and genres, especially when Arab, we teamed up with Hajjar to pick and choose the songs that, for him, will have to be blasted on your speakers by the pool this year.

Press play and get your summer started right here:


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