5 of Hayett Mccarthy’s Favourite Things to Do in London

The Louis Vuitton model reveals her go-to hotspots

Born and raised in France, 23-year-old French-Algerian-British model Hayett Belarbi McCarthy moved to London when she was a teenager, and was scouted in the city three years ago. Famed for her effortless and nonchalant tomboyish style and attitude, McCarthy has quickly made her mark on the fashion industry walking for brands like Burberry, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Vetements.

With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to plan a trip to London. The bustling city is the very definition of cosmopolitan, but with new galleries, restaurants and hotspots opening on a daily basis – it can be a little overwhelming. So we asked McCarthy to tell us her five favourite things to do in the British capital.


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Taking the bus
Taking a seat in the top front row of a double decker bus, because in London, the simple things are the best.

Spend the day at the park
I love to stretch my legs in Hampstead Heath or Waterlow Park, where I can lose myself, be next-to-almost alone. Parks are one thing most big Metropolises don’t have.

Hang at a local spot
I enjoy a nice after work pint at my local pub: The Old Dairy in Crouch Hill.

Sunday roasts
Sunday roasts are a must. It’s hard to stick to your favourite regular pub though when you know they are so many pubs out there and only one roast every Sunday.

Charity shopping
My favourite thing is charity shopping. The money goes to a good cause and the lack of clothes and production of materials sold there makes it good for the planet and most importantly, most charity shops have such gems. A bit of patience and curiosity will take you a long way.

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