How Big Hass Is Empowering Local Talent With His New Radio Show

It’s called ‘Catch A Vibe’

During his 15-year-long  career in the region, Hassane Dennaoui, better known as Big Hass online, is on a staunch mission to uplift and amplify the voices of musicians and artists from the Arab world, particularly rappers, drawing upon his extensive knowledge and expertise to spotlight the singers and producers of tomorrow with a brand new radio show. Dubbed Catch A Vibe, the rap mogul’s latest venture, which kicked off on June 10, is set to air every Saturday and Sunday on Sharjah’s Pulse 95 radio station, from 9 to 10 PM, and is expected to support and nurture emerging talents in the fast-growing music scene from our side of the world.

With a focus on “getting to know the musicians and artists’ stories, challenges, inspirations, and things they have to go through to drop a record, an EP, or an album,” the FM channel’s first-ever program dedicated to music will unveil a glimpse into the realities of the edge-cutting industry, while offering a behind-the-scenes look into the demanding journey of bringing music to the world.

“We want to know the human behind these artists,” said the radio personality, who invited UAE-based Syrian singer and songwriter Ghaliaa Chaker to share her experiences and insights in the show’s debut episode. With a focus on uncovering the personal and more intricate aspects of being a musician, the show aims to delve beyond the surface-level fame and relevant success, allowing listeners to connect with the human side of these talented individuals we only ever get to interact with superficially through their carefully-curated accounts and feeds. 

Providing a platform for open and honest conversations to take place, Catch A Vibe is on a mission to highlight the challenges, triumphs, and raw emotions that shape an artist’s career, giving the opportunity to listeners to not only gain a deeper understanding of the industry but also learn from those who know it best. 

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