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Khaliji guy seeing himself in the mirror

A New Year’s Guide to Loving Yourself More

Unapologetically live your best life in 2020

Khaliji guy seeing himself in the mirror

Whether it’s due to the lack of representation in fashion and culture, the exclusive nature of mainstream feminism or the pressure to fit beauty standards on Instagram, we’ve all felt like we don’t belong. But it’s time to wave goodbye to self-hate and self-doubt.

Breaking the pattern is possible. It starts by unlearning what society has taught us. So if you really want to embark on a radical self-love journey and finally live your best life, it’s time to stop pretending to be something you’re not, and embrace the truest form of who you are.

This is the Mille New Year’s guide to mastering self-love.

Learn about your culture
With hostility towards Arabs having gone mainstream over the past decade, we often feel unheard and unrepresented. You can’t truly love and embrace yourself if you don’t actually know yourself. Go and learn about the richness of your culture and celebrate it.

Build a tribe
We’ve all had problematic friends that deserved to be called out. Well, in 2020, it’s time to just get rid of toxic people with thoughtless remarks that make you feel bad, and build meaningful relationships. Whether it’s online or IRL, surround yourself with allies who empower you. 

Stop comparing yourself
Stop wasting time looking at other people and self-depreciating. Use that energy to focus on yourself and your own progress. Now.

Talk to someone
You might be feeling insecure, lonely and misunderstood. And that’s totally fine. You just need to talk to someone. And a therapist is probably a better option than a friend. We know it’s hard to find the right one, and it can cost money, but your mental health is truly worth it.

Take care in your health and appearance
Feeling and looking good is underrated. Ok, staying in bed all day and eating junk food is comforting sometimes. But nothing is better than waking up early, working out, being kind to your body and skin, eating good food and wearing a nice outfit just for you. Set yourself realistic goals and make sure you keep to them.

Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first
Dreams can come true, but that usually comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. You shouldn’t feel bad for leaving some texts unanswered on your phone or declining party invites if that will help bring out your best self.

Photo by Ali Al Shehabi

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