How to Watch Our Quarantined Cities On Live Stream

Earth like you’ve never seen it before

What’s happening in Times Square right now? Or Copacabana beach? And Tokyo’s Shibuya? Not much. And that’s what’s so crazy about what we’re experiencing right now.

If someone told you: “in a week, all public events will be cancelled and schools, offices, shops and restaurants will also be closed for an undetermined amount of time”, you would have never believed it. As unlikely as it may have seemed, this once-in-a-generation pandemic has well and truly shut down entire countries and put a third of the global population on lockdown in the blink of an eye.  

No need to watch apocalyptic Hollywood films anymore to know what cities look like when they’re deserted. All you need is an Internet connection to see it with your own eyes, in real time.

Feeling like going on a ride on Venice’s Canal Grande? Click here. Never seen Muscat’s Grand Mosque? You just have to ask. A panoramic view of Bangkok? It’s just one click away.

Sit down and explore a world of emptiness from your bedroom.

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