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‘Hummus Tastes Like Dirt’ And Other Controversial Arab Food Opinions

We asked our Twitter followers for their most wild food takes— Here’s some of our favorites

The internet, more specifically Twitter, are weird realms to navigate. Figuring out what kind of content will blow up and go viral and which won’t, is almost an impossible task to achieve, with the digital world’s randomness, more times than not, striking in the most unexpected of moments and ways.

In August, we asked our dear Twitter followers to share their controversial opinion about the region’s cuisine, in an effort to probe which foods should be canceled for good while simultaneously figuring out whether any of you deserve to have your Arab ID card stripped away for poor taste. We’re obviously joking (or not).


In a stunning turn of events, the seemingly forgotten tweet, which had a short encounter with success back when it was initially published, rose from the ashes like a phoenix, soaring to new heights of social media fame — or at least by our standards it did. Generating over two million impressions, ten thousand engagements, and two thousand quoted replies, as people flocked to their keyboards to share their lunchtime struggles, the Tweet has become a beacon of relatability in a sea of food-related discontent.

With each reply, the conversation heated up like a pot of boiling water, with opinions flying faster than an Arab mom’s slipper. But despite the heat, people can’t seem to get enough of this Tweet, with its resurrection proving that this topic is a never-ending well of good, but mostly bad, takes. 

Some of the tweets were quite funny and made us giggle…

While others were just bold to begin with…

Some got political for God knows why…

While others just didn’t seem to understand the assignment at all..

Others were just happy to see some drama unfold online, and we can’t blame them


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