Imaan Hammam

Imaan Hammam Celebrates Women’s History Month with the Ultimate Playlist

Your March soundtrack is here

Imaan Hammam

Women’s History Month is well underway, and Moroccan-Egyptian model Imaan Hammam has put together its unofficial soundtrack. Entitled ‘zahra min kul bustan’, meaning ‘A Flower from Every Garden’ Hammam curated a new playlist that we’ll definitely be playing all month long. 

Teaming up with art and culture platform Afroo Fruits and Iraqi jewelery designer and Ma3azef resident Zainab Hasoon, Hammam put together a series of tracks that span the entire globe, from our very own Warda and Umm Kutlthum to the iconic Lauryn Hill and Sade. 

This will be a vibrant celebration of female artistry and expression from around the world. The inspiration of this playlist comes from the concept of hand picking the beauty blooming in every land, and bringing it together in solidarity,” wrote Hammam on Instagram. 

Mexican digital artist Fabiola Lopez Osorio drew up the artwork for the project, while Halima Anwar– who is one part of Afroo Fruits– wrote up the text that accompanied it.

“Women are sadly often underrepresented and overlooked in the arts, and so we wish to spotlight the funk and flair contained in female artistry worldwide for Women’s History Month. An ode to our sisters, mothers, friends and lovers, and of course, to the divine feminine,” she continued. 

The three-hour long, 30-song playlist is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.

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