yuka tunisia lgbt friendly

The Best Inclusive Spots to Hang Out in The Region

Where everyone’s welcome!

yuka tunisia lgbt friendly

The Arab World, unfortunately, is predominantly known for not being the safest place to engage in same-gender interactions. From all corners of the region it’s accepted that getting caught can take you anywhere from getting fined, to being arrested or even capital punishment. The truth is, it’s not easy being yourself this side of the world, but thankfully enough, some safe spaces exist and challenge, in their own way, this prejudicial status quo. 

Activism can be translated in all sorts of manners, no matter how consequential or influential each action may be. And that sometimes includes allowing individuals to simply exist the way they are. Can it be considered a big or small step forward? We’re here to spotlight the few places that do hold the values of inclusivity and open mindedness high.

Posh, Beirut

POSH is a popular nightclub that is frequently filled to the brim by tourists and locals alike. Open to all sorts of crowds with a program that caters for everyone, it is also known for being a significant location for queer people in Lebanon. Party goers can expect pop, electro, and many Arabic songs to be played as there’s quite literally a night for everyone. Recognised for its relative openness compared to other venues you can find in the region, there’s an entrance fee includes access to an open bar to make up for the quite pricey tickets. It’s a definite must visit in our books!

Greek Club, Cairo


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Absolute institution in Cairo’s night scene, The Greek Club is one of the city’s most popular places where good food, cheap drinks and laid back vibes all meet together. As you can probably tell from the name, everything from decor to what is available to consume on the menu is very Greek influenced. A light Mediterranean blue colour coats most tables and chairs outside where you can sip on some freshly imported Ouzo while listening to old Hellenic lullabies. An entry ticket with cost you very little and will grant you with, almost, all the freedom you want being by surrounded by liberal Egyptians artists, creatives and foreign residents.

Club Gingembre, Tunis


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Normal bar during schoolnights that turns into a bustling club over the weekend, Club Gingembre is the ultimate pitstop to have fun in Tunis. Open to anyone that can reeks of good vibes and lively energy, everyone is welcome to share a drink or a couple of dance moves. Home to a real eclectic crowd where positivity and acceptance brings people from all edges together, Club Gingembre is the place to check out for a chill and easy to let go time out !

Yüka, Tunis


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Giving onto the sea, Yuka is a recently opened spot that aims at supporting the local cultural scene while sparking more life into the Tunisian capital. As a melting pot of music, relaxed moods and various types of delicious food, the place also singles itself for its inclusivity to all. As a safe space by the literal meaning of the world, Yuka is for sure the first place to check out after stepping foot on Tunisian soil.

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