Inspirato: Say Hello to the ClassPass of Luxury Hotels

Get unlimited access to the world’s most incredible properties


Netflix transformed how we watch TV, ClassPass changed how we worked out, and Spotfiy flip turned the music industry. Now, Inspirato Pass has entered the game, and it’s about to change the travel world.

Following the same subscription model that made all our lives easier, the Inspirato Pass is the world’s first travel subscription service, giving globetrotters access to more than 60,000 luxury properties around the world for a fee of $2,500 (9182 AED) per month, that includes hotels, resorts, private vacation homes, as well as cruises and safaris in over 150 locations. 

Whether you want to spend your summer in a beachside Mexican villa, autumn holed up in a chateau in Provence or your winter in a snow-covered Colorado chalet, Inspirato isn’t short of properties to offer. 

All bookings include on-site concierge services and daily housekeeping, as well as access to the company’s vacation advisers, who can give recommendations and answer questions regarding any of the properties.

$2,500 might sound like a lot of money, but it’s a fraction of the cost of spending a single night in any one of the offered properties. 

“I really love the simplicity of no nightly rates,” Brent Handler, CEO of Inspirato, told 5280. “It’s easier to join, easier to use, and there’s less commitment.”

But of course, there is one catch, you can only make a booking after you’ve checked out of your last one. Meaning, you can’t directly go from being poolside in your Los Cabos villa to a suite on the Amalfi coast. 

On the upside though, you can upgrade your subscription to hold two reservations for $5,000 per month, or $7,500 for three. And if you want to share your Inspirato Pass privileges with anyone, you’ll just have to add another $500 to the fee.

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