Instagram is Going to Reveal Everyone Who Paid For Followers

A digital revolution is coming

Everyone on Instagram can pretty much tell who paid for their followers and who didn’t. And it’s always been cringe inducing. But today, Instagram have announced new plans to unveil the perpetrators.


With their newly announced plans to reduce “inauthentic activity”, Instagram released a bold statement: “Recently, we’ve seen accounts use third-party apps to artificially grow their audience. Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions. It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren’t disrupted by inauthentic activity,”.


Instagram has now made it their mission to remove fake likes, follows and comments produced by third-party apps in an effort to decrease inauthentic popularity. To do this, the company built “machine learning tools” that aid them in identifying implicated accounts.


While it all sounds simple, the move actually has some pretty serious implications. With followers, comments and likes being determinants of digital worth (which ultimately translates into literal currency, with account holders being paid thousands for promotions under a popularity pretense) — we could be witnessing a much-needed overhaul of the digital age.

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