The Young Jordanian Behind the Biggest Arabic Song Out Right Now

How Issam Alnajjar made it happen

It’s official. Issam Alnajjar’s ‘Hadal Ahbek’ is the first Arabic song to hit number one globally. And it’s all thanks to Tiktok. From America to the Middle East, everyone is now humming along its catchy chorus.

‘Hadal Ahbek’ (meaning ‘I’ll keep loving you’ in Arabic) topped Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart and is currently the most Shazamed track, with 1.7 million hits. Released merely four months ago, the track counts over 23 million views and 1.1 million likes on YouTube. 

Wondering about the TikTok star behind the world’s new favourite tune? Simply put, Alnajjar is a young Jordanian who loves to sing and play the guitar in his bedroom. 

The Amman-based singer and songwriter kicked off his career in music posting covers of major hits on social media. Today, his IG account now counts 137,000 followers. And while ‘Hadal Ahbek’ took him to international heights, he released first original song, entitled ‘One of A Kind’ last June. 

But, as time would tell, the track’s English lyrics didn’t earn him attention as his Arabic songwriting for ‘Hadal Ahbek’, making it one of TikTok’s biggest trends.



Alnajjar’s track catapulted him to global success literally overnight. He now has little under a million followers on TikTok and the #hadal_ahbek hashtag has reached 310.5 million views on the platform.

Will the historic milestone of ‘Hadal Ahbek’ will earn Alnajjar his own record deal? One thing for sure, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the young star.

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