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Louis Vuitton Goes To Dubai For First Middle East City Guide

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Gone are the days of stumbling out of a tube station with a map in your hands, trying to fold it back into its original form after it already became a crumpled mess. Thanks to smartphones and the internet, finding your way around has never been easier than now, especially with the help of social media influencers who have, to some extent obviously, taken on the role of travel guides in recent years, providing us with just the right insider tips and tricks for the ultimate adventure in a given city one Instagram Story at a time.

But don’t go throwing out those old maps just yet as French luxury label Louis Vuitton has added a new destination to its much-famed city guide series. As the world is becoming increasingly digitalized, one might assume that the art of map-making has lost its relevance. However, the high-end brand, known for its lavish travel accessories and leather goods, has continued to demonstrate a commitment to showcasing the beauty of a handful of the world’s cities in print. 

For over 25 years, the Paris-based Maison has been producing carefully-curated handbooks that offer a detailed selection of a city’s most captivating cultural experiences, dining hotspots, and luxurious accommodations as well as some of the hidden gems that are often overlooked by the average tourist and everyday passerby. 

This week, Louis Vuitton  launched the Dubai City Guide, a manual dedicated to spotlighting the “fast-paced, cosmopolitan city that’s readily adaptable to the diverse origins, cultures, and desires of its inhabitants and visitors from around the world.” This is the first time that a destination from the region has been included in the prestigious collection.

“Once a small village of pearl divers and fishermen, Dubai is now a global business hub as well as a multicultural destination that is home to over 200 nationalities combining the best of all worlds to deliver exceptional experiences and an outstanding quality of life. The city is evolving and growing at a fast and healthy pace,” shared the brand in an official statement.


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Serving as a testament to the label’s commitment to showcasing the best of what the city has to offer, the booklet, guest edited by Butheina Kazim, founder of Cinema Akil, the city’s first arthouse cinema, not only includes recommendations for the most opulent hotels and the finest dining experiences but also insightful information on navigating the city’s transportation system and exploring its different neighborhoods. 

What’s more, the Dubai City Guide is also the first edition to include a brand-new “etiquette and good taste” section aiming at providing travelers with valuable advice and guidance on local customs, cultural practices, and dos and don’ts. To break it down, the section covers a plethora of topics, ranging from dress code to how to express affection in public without offending anyone amongst other examples.

To celebrate the launch of the almanac, Louis Vuitton erected a pink pop-up kiosk in the heart of Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC) that pays homage to the brand’s French heritage with a design inspired by the traditional Parisian newspaper stands, but this time imbued with a distinctly modern aesthetic. 

For those eager to get their hands on the latest edition of Louis Vuitton’s City Guide, the pop-up shop will be running until March 17, where visitors will be able to delve deep into the guide’s comprehensive coverage of the metropolis and snag a copy of their own for just $46. 

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