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MetaMosque Is the Inclusive New App Making Friday Prayer Accessible for All

metaprayers in metamosques for real life blessings

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps on stunning the world with its seemingly never-ending amount of possibilities and myriad of applications, the novel technology is reshaping entire industries at a pace many find difficult to keep up with, all while simplifying the everyday lives of millions of human beings around the planet. 

And as the tool, with time, is seriously starting to compete for the title of mankind’s best friend (sorry doggos), one company is trying to apply AI’s comparative advantages onto this dunya as well as the hereafter, by notably developing one of the world’s first apps designed to virtually help users visit mosques from all around the world from the comfort of their own homes. Introducing: MetaMosque.

Available on IOS, Android, and PC as well as on Meta Quest, Oculus’ own virtual reality headset, the free halal-friendly app seeks to “bridge accessibility gaps” and “invite everyone, regardless of their circumstances, to explore the renowned Al Haram and Al Aqsa mosques.” 

The brainchild of Palestinian-American art advisor and model Samera Abed, the quest to engineer the pioneering app initially stemmed from an attempt to solve a struggle her own mother was facing, aiming to bring a wholesome solution to one individual before hoping to share it with the rest of the Muslim community worldwide. Her focus? Offer support to those who face economic hardships and physical disabilities and assist them in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from practicing their faith to their fullest. 


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“I built MetaMosque to help my 90-year-old mother, as she can’t physically attend Friday prayers anymore, or mosque all together,” Abed told Mille. “I decided to bring (the mosque) straight to her instead,” she added. “I then realized that so many Muslims could also benefit from this application, especially those who are disabled, that face economic challenges, or who just want to learn more about the history behind certain of our mosques around the world.” 

Launched in April, right after the end of Ramadan, the first version of the app grants users access to two of Islam’s most important sites, namely Mecca and Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, with the intention of expanding to other pious locations in the future.

Inclusive by the literal meaning of the word— by first, making the entry into historical mosques more accessible than they have ever been, and secondly, by designing an app that can be supported through most mediums of digital communication— MetaMosque is paving a new way for religion to be adhered to and by in a world where the boundaries of physical space are no longer tangible limitations. By helping believers transcend geographical constraints and engage in religious practices, users of the app can now connect with foreign communities and access spiritual guidance regardless of their location, bringing about a global interconnectedness of faith from the touch of their phones.

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