More Arab Films Are Coming to Netflix

Celebrating the region’s cinema

Netflix is putting the spotlight on our region again with a new wave of Arab films coming to our screens as soon as this December 9. In an attempt to celebrate the breadth and beauty of the Arab world’s cinema, 58 films from 47 different filmmakers will be added to the streaming giant’s catalogue showcasing the region’s award-winning features.

“With the launch of this collection, I am excited to introduce these stunning films to younger generations, give our members around the world a window into new perspectives and cultures and remind Arab entertainment fans of our history. It’s a piece of their culture and heritage and now they can watch them all in one place” said Nuha El Tayeb, Director of Content Acquisitions, Turkey, Middle East & North Africa at Netflix.

Often shortlisted across most prestigious ceremonies around the world such as the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, Cannes, Venice and others, these pieces of our collective artistic history are now made available to all and that wherever you may be located across the globe. 

“We pride ourselves on giving people the opportunity to experience content they may not have had a chance to see and have made this even easier, with the launch of the Prestige collection in 2020 which celebrated iconic Arab films. Today, we build on that legacy, with a catalogue of 58 films that celebrate Arab cinema, bringing the best of the Arab world to the global stage” El Tayeb added in a statement. 

Hailing from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and more, this new push comes only a few months after the American giant had initially included over 30 Palestinian movies and documentaries onto its international catalogue back in October.  Answering the region’s call for more representation on the silver-screen and to the subsequent instruments of promotion and access, Netflix is amplifying our voice, making it heard and we’re definitely here for it.

Get your popcorn and blankets ready, Arab movie nights can commence starting from this Thursday.

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