Dangerous Roads to Drive for Breathtaking Views

The daredevil drives you’ll risk it all for

Sometimes taking a dangerous route is worth it just for the view (not to mention – adrenaline).  If you’re an intrepid traveller looking to unleash your inner adventurer, then we’ve got you covered. Take your road trips to the next level with this round up of some of the riskiest – but incredibly gorgeous – roads in the region.



King’s Highway, Jordan



King’s highway has one of the most spectacular views of the desert in Jordan. Make sure you stop by one of the small towns on the way for a quick stroll and a drink before heading back on the road. Keep your eyes open and be careful for the endless speed bumps, twists and turns.



Luxor, Al Hurghada Road, Egypt

Stretched between the ancient city of Luxor and the Red Sea, this highway to hell is a playground for terrorists and bands of criminals at night, resulting of several heavy car accidents. But other than that, the views of the desert on this route are unbelievably stunning during the day. If you’re willing to risk it – just make sure you avoid this road after sunset.



Tizi n’Test, Marrakesh



Perched on the top of the Atlas, Tizi n’Test is a small—and dangerous—pass located between Marrakesh and the city of Taroudant in Morocco. It’s perfect for adrenaline abusers who are on the hunt for eye-watering scenery.



Highway Empty Quarter, Oman



This road was built on quicksand and links Oman to Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the most precarious highways in the Arab world and is a part of what was thought to be an impossible project in this arid region. For the bravest of you, you can still enjoy a secluded 4×4 trip and camp over night for an incredible and an unusual experience.



Jabal Yibir, UAE



Jabal Yibir is one of the best roads in the UAE. The view is unbelievable. The super-surrealistic surrounding rock mountains look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Buckle up and beware of the nasty descents, as some parts of the road aren’t drivable in regular cars.

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