Inside Muntaser AlBusafi’s Kaleidoscopic 3D World

The Muscat-based 3D artist is paving a lane of his own


When the majority of us were 22, we were probably still (or still are) just trying to get through yet another excruciating term paper at school. But artist Muntaser AlBusafi has already landed a major international campaign, all while finishing up his degree in computer engineering (as well as having co-founded BusafiVisuals, one of Oman’s leading creative agencies).

His 3D work, which he shares mostly via Instagram, caught the eye of French luxury jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels, and the rest is history. The jewellery house then tapped the young artist to celebrate their Perlée collection.

AlBusafi ended up looking to the jewellery house’s iconic heritage for inspiration. Known for its playful, light yet refined spirit, the young artist brought to life the geometric yet feminine aesthetic of the jewellery house’s pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets in a series of 3D films that reimagined each piece in a colourful world of their own.

“It’s an interplay between soft geometrical forms, materials, light and playful choreographed motion” he explained in an Instagram post. 

In one film, the Perlée ring is seen twirling in a mesmerizing pink-splattered universe, harmoniously moving alongside half spheres gliding through the screen, over and over again. Like most of his work, the campaign leaves you with the same sensation that made the phrase “oddly-satisfying” a click-bait hit on YouTube, attracting millions of views as people relished in the joy of watching precise, repetitive motions.

AlBusafi lists fellow 3D artists Simon Holmedal, Beetle, Ash Thorp and Lukas Vojir as career idols. With conetmporary art still being a relatively young discipline in the region—while bearing in mind the pace at which AlBusafi’s career is moving—it’s safe to say that the young artist might just find himself working alongside them sooner rather than later. 

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