Netflix Announces Their New Show Will Spotlight Arab Comedians

Say hello to your new favourite stand-ups

It’s been a year since Netflix set its sights on the global market, and thanks to this bold new move, we’ve seen a huge boom in regional material like Netflix first original Arab series Jinn. As of January 1, the streaming giant will have something new for us to binge on: Comedians Of The World. The stand-up comedy series spotlighting four Middle Eastern comedians.


The series will be the first-of-its-kind to showcase Arab stand-up comedians who will represent the region alongside 43 others from across the globe.  Saudi Arabian comedians Moayed Al-Nefaie and Ibraheem Al Khairallah are set to make their Netflix debut alongside Adi Khalefa from Palestine and Rasan Hallak from Jordan.


As creative director of Telfaz11, Khairallah has been in the television game for some time now. Alnefaie is most known for his short film Wasati, based on a real-life event, when a play was shut down in Riyadh by a group of extremists. Palestine’s Adi Khalefa has been making waves in the comedy scene for years with sold-out shows across the region. Rawsan Hallak on the other hand is making history by becoming one of the first hijabi stand-up comedians to mark such a feat.


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