racil chalhoub beirut city guide

Racil Chalhoub’s Guide to Beirut

These are the city’s best spots to see and be seen at

racil chalhoub beirut city guide

Racil Chalhoub is the London-based, Paris-raised, Lebanese definition of international. She created her line in 2015, as an homage to her mother – whose style she describes passionately as “flawless”.


Before her foray into fashion, she opened Beirut’s first concept fashion store (complete with an organic café) little over 10-years ago in the super-trendy neighbourhood of Gemmayze.


Even though she’s now based in West London, Racil is a proud Beiruti, “It’s difficult to explain what’s so special about Beirut – but you can feel it as soon as you arrive.” She says, before adding that the city has an almost magical aura in the air. “It is very authentic, there’s an amazing mix of old versus new, a mix of religions (churches and mosques next to each other which is quite rare in the region). People are fun loving and warm and the food is delicious obviously!”


MILLE got the lowdown from Racil on Beirut’s coolest bars, restaurants, cafes and stores.


Courtesy of Antoine Mghayar



Where to eat

My favourite restaurant is Casablanca it’s very old school and nested in an authentic Lebanese house facing the sea. Having said that – nothing beats a home cooked meal!

Casablanca, Rue Dar el Mreisseh, Ain el Mreisseh Qaddoura Bldg 2nd Floor


Where to drink

Beirut is great for happy hour and drinks! I like to head to Mar Mikael to bar hop, and once the rooftops are open I usually go to Sky Bar for a fun night out.


Where to hangout

Al Jammal is the most charming spot for a beach lunch. I also like Lazy B and taking long lunches with friends in town. Tawlet is always delicious and Eat Sunshine for a healthy bite.


Where to Shop

When in Beirut I like to shop for things I won’t find anywhere else so I never go to Beirut without a quick stop at Orient 499 which is an artisanal store. You also have to check out the downtown area, Sarah’s bag and Liwan.


Where to stay

Albergo is the most charming hotel ever. Otherwise, check out Villa Clara and you can also stay downtown at Le Gray.


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