This is What Off-Roading in the First Rolls-Royce SUV is Like

Forget a Range Rover, the Cullinan is the pinnacle of luxury


Rumors about Rolls-Royce’s first SUV—the Cullinan—had been spreading for at least three years prior to the car’s launch, with every car fanatic, collector and Rolls-Royce aficionado practically salivating at the idea of a Rolls that maintains the brand’s ethos of being the very pinnacle of luxury, as well as being the car you could go off-roading in the sand dunes of Dubai or cruise along LA’s PCH in.

Having officially launched earlier this year, the idea of a Rolls that you could ‘rough up’ a little off-road might seem oxymoronic when you consider the painfully intricate bespoke nature of their vehicles (namely the fact that it takes at least six months to make a single Rolls Royce). But fear not – no style sacrifices were made, and this is immediately evident when you look at the car itself.  

Rolls-Royce Cullinan road tripAlready favoured by Migos, Ronaldo, Gucci Mane and countless other famous Rolls collectors, the Cullinan is possibly the sexiest of their roster. Why? Because not only is it a feast for the eyes, it’s more importantly fast, durable and hands-down the smoothest ride you’ll ever experience in a sturdy SUV. 

To test drive the car, MILLE took the Cullinan off-roading in the Scottish highlands, where red deer roam and the snake-like winding roads overlook staggering mountain ranges. After a few days spent in Arndilly House, a plush country manor nestled in the hills of Speyside, with a fleet of Cullinans to test out.. our initial thoughts were simply this: Wow. 

The car still retains its signature jaw-dropping front façade, but it’s more compact than both the Ghost and the Phantom. But this is where intelligent and architectural design comes in. It doesn’t feel more compact at all. The spaciousness or inherent luxuriousness of a Rolls isn’t sacrificed within a single millimeter of the Cullinan. 

Rolls-Royce CullinanWith ever-so-slightly raised seating in the back (which gives passengers an unrivalled view of the road and surrounding scenery) and a rich sound system, the Cullinan is literally built for long road trips. And true to the brand, the feel of the car on and off-road is still smoother than silk. 

Whether you envision yourself taking the car on a long road trip in the States or in the arid deserts of the Gulf, or simply to run errands in London… the Cullinan is a breathtaking car that’s literally purpose-built to suit our millennial lifestyles. We’ll take one in off-white.

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