A Salvador Dali Exhibition is Coming to Dubai

A look inside The World of Dali

In February, an exhibition exploring the life and works of Salvador Dali opened at the Dubai International Financial Center entitled Salvador Dali. The Memories – a breakthrough exhibition that marked the first time the artist’s work would be exhibited in the Middle East.  

If you missed the acclaimed show you’ll be happy to hear that his pieces will once again be on view in the UAE later this week.


In an exhibition entitled The World of Dali, 60 original works by the surrealist artist—who attributed his love for “everything that is gilded and excessive” to his Arab origins— are set to be showcased at COYA in Dubai.


Held at the restaurant’s Member’s room, the exhibition will include lithographs and photographs by the artist that have been sourced from private collections across the world. His famed pieces Surrealist Flower, and Space Elephant will also be among the work displayed.


The World of Dali opens 19 June – 31 August at COYA, Dubai

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