Saudi Arabia Set to Open a Contemporary Art Museum

Everything we know so far


It’s no secret that for the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been investing in its culture sector. The latest venture? The Saudi Museum of Modern Art. The nation’s first move in the museum game.

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) just announced the plans for the museum in a statement Set to open in the Bujairi neighbourhood of Diriyah, situated just 20 kilometers outside of Riyadh, the museum will be established by DGDA alongside the Ministry of Culture.

According to the statement, choosing the historic Ad Diriyah district as its home comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s plans to “making it an open destination for the world, rich in discovery, and encouraging creative artistic expression.”

No details on who will design the museum have been released, but DGDA stipulated that its architecture will be “designed according to a modern creative concept influenced by the traditional local architectural style.

The neighbourhood of Bujairi, where the contemporary art museum will be located, is known for its vast palm plantations. It overlooks the eastern edge of Wadi Hanifah, opposite the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood, which has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

As for the artworks to be included or when the museum will open, no details have been announced.

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