Tokyo’s Most-Loved Immersive Museum is Coming to Jeddah

Everything you need to know about teamLab Borderless’ new space


Tokyo-based art collective teamLab Borderless are the brainchild been behind some of the world’s greatest interactive exhibitions since its founding in 2001. They’ve made their mark in Tokyo, Shanghai and Macao, with the likes of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Will Smith having paid their museums a visit. And now they’re coming to the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture announced their collaboration with the collective, which will see them open a digital art museum in Jeddah in 2023. 

The collective team of artists, creatives, architects, programmers, CGI animators, and more, will create teamLab Borderless Jeddah along the same creative concept of the teamLab Borderless museums in Tokyo and Shanghai, using the latest technology to form one borderless world,” announced the Saudi Ministry of Culture in a statement. 

The move comes two years after teamLab Borderless opened their first permanent exhibition in Tokyo’s Mori Museum in 2018. Another followed in November of 2019 in Shanghai. 

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《seasonal artwork》呼応するランプの森 – ワンストローク、メトロポリス / Forest of Resonating Lamps – One Stroke, Metropolis . When a person stands still close to a lamp, it shines brightly and emits a color that resonates out. The light of this lamp becomes the starting point, and it spreads to the two nearest lamps. The light from the two nearest lamps transmits the same color to other lamps, one after another, spreading out continuously. The light of the lamp in response to human interaction, divides in two, becomes one optical line through all lamps respectively, finally, meeting at the first lamp that became the starting point. . 人がランプの近くで立ち止まり、しばらくじっとしていると、最も近いランプが強く輝き音色を響かせる。そしてそのランプの光は、最も近い2つのランプに伝播する。伝播したランプの光は、それぞれ同じように強く輝き音色を響かせながら、最も近いランプに伝播し、同じように連続していく。人に呼応したランプの光は、2つに分かれ、それぞれ全てのランプを1度だけ通る1本の光のラインとなり、最後に、起点となった最初のランプで出会う。

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Since then, their Tokyo outpost—which is a sprawling 10,000-square-metre space—has become a must-visit for art fans across the world. Working with interdisciplinary artists, programmers, engineers and CGI animators, their exhibitions are known for being boundary-defying, with truly interactive pieces programmed to react to light, sound, and touch. 

“teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Some of the works will explore creative physical spaces and collaborative creativity, to help inspire the next generation of creatives. We continue to expand this idea of teamLab Borderless,” a spokesperson for the art collective told The Art Newspaper.

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《new artwork》境界のない群蝶、超越する空間 / Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Transcending Space .   This work is to be viewed from a position close to the entrance.The artwork begins when the Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life enter the Small Universe in the Cave. The butterflies that enter this space are born from visitors’ touch in the Butterfly House as part of the Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life. They transcend the concept of frames, removing the boundaries between artwork spaces as they seamlessly fly between works.   . 空間の入口付近中央に立って見る作品。「くぼみにある宇宙」に、「境界のない群蝶、人から生まれる儚い命」が入ってくると、この作品ははじまる。この群蝶は、「境界のない群蝶、人から生まれる儚い命」(「バタフライハウス」で人々の体から生まれた蝶)が、他の作品のフレームという概念を解き放ち、作品間の境界をなくしながら、他の作品の中をシームレスに飛んで、この空間に入って来た群蝶である。

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