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The Benefits of Adding Salt to Your Water This Ramadan

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of fasting is abstaining from water from sunrise to sunset. Most experts suggest that we drink at least eight glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration, however, this could prove to be a challenge during the holy month. Enter: electrolytes. A wellness trend that has gained major traction within the holistic and Muslim communities in recent weeks, incorporating a pinch of salt– which boasts electrolytes like sodium and chloride– into your glass of H2O will not only boost your hydration levels, but will also promote the retention of fluids in your body, which can be particularly useful while you’re fasting or in cases of mild dehydration, which can cause energy levels dip, chronic headaches, and inflammation.

Often used by athletes after a workout, there are a variety of brands offering electrolytes in sachet form. But if you don’t have any on hand, a mineral-rich salt such as a pink Himalayan one will also effectively replenish the electrolyte balance in your body.

In summary, electrolytes are minerals with an electric charge found in our body. Comprising sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, these minerals play a crucial role in ensuring our cells are functioning properly by regulating the flow of water and ions across cell membranes. Proper electrolyte balance is necessary for maintaining cellular function and disruptions can lead to various health problems, such as muscle cramps and arrhythmias, in addition to dehydration.

When consumed in moderation, electrolyte supplements are generally safe for most people, but the amount we need depends on several factors like age, fluid intake, lifestyle, and activity levels. Fasting can lead to a loss of electrolytes, which supplementing can restore. One common mistake that a lot of people make during Ramadan when it comes to hydration is drinking a lot of water after iftar and during suhoor, then spending the whole day running to the washroom to eliminate the fluids. This means that the water is not being retained in your body, and this is where electrolytes come in. After iftar, add a pinch of Himalayan or Celtic salt or electrolytes to your water, and sip throughout the evening to replenish and retain your hydration levels. Thank us later.

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