5 of the Coolest NFTs From the Region

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 If you’re under the impression that the hype surrounding NFTs has deflated with time, certain figures are making sure to always reignite the money-making trend. In the amphitheater we call social media, the acronym for Non Fungible Tokens has become one of the most discussed topics across the internet world in last year’s final months. Naturally, we’re keeping tabs. 

Between those that struggled to make good sense of the global phenomenon and those that took the lucrative opportunity to make some bank, the Arab World also played its part and saw some entrepreneurial minds get actively involved. From arts to music and straight business, our region’s talents didn’t shy away from diving in. 

Hailing from all ends of the creative spectrum, we’re shedding some light on the recent individuals, businesses and initiatives that have been making moves in the mystery-structured world of digital art and trade. 

MBC Cartoon

Some of the most well-known animated characters from the MBC Group, including Fananees, will soon be turned into NFTs. The collection features seven cartoon characters with over 200 different traits and varying levels of rarity. They’ll be added into pre-existing games and holders will be able to enjoy several digital and IRL benefits including early access to screenings and different exclusive event invitations.

The Mosque NFT project

As it turns out, NFTs can be used to sponsor charitable initiatives. The Mosque NFT Project claims to be the world’s “first charity NFT collection,” with 12,000 hand-drawn NFTs of the world’s most treasured mosques. The Kaaba Mosque NFT will be the most precious component of the collection as each NFT-rendition of mosque will be valued priced based on how important the said mosque is. Users who mint the most NFTs over the course of the company’s 12 rounds will get a Jacob & Co.-branded watch. Meanwhile, the person who mints the Kaaba Mosque NFT will be rewarded with a special prize. Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be transferred to over 10 foundations around the world.

Emirates Airlines

The UAE’s national airline company is making a huge move as it set to join the multiverse notably through NFTs. Not much information has transpired although it’s official, they’ll be taking customers on a one way trip into the digital world. Collectables, rewards and souvenirs will be up for grabs granting buyers with exclusive rewards and transferring their miles system onto digital platforms.

Babel 4.0

A crew of programmers is bringing the magnificent Tower of Babel into the multiverse, bringing one of the world’s seven wonders back to life. Babel 4.0 will feature a collection of 100 NFTs, with proceeds going to notable scholars and emerging designers, as a tribute to the original Tower of Babel’s 100 gates. Visitors of the historical site will be able to use NFTs to visit virtual museums and cultural places, as well as switch between time zones and shortcuts.

Daily Paper

Daily Paper is joining the world of NFTs. The Amsterdamn based streetwear brand launched a game entitled “Gen-F”. The prizes are a series of avatars that unlock unique drops and event invites from the brand. The collectible avatars were created in collaboration with Flooz, a Web 3.0 tech startup, and are reminiscent of the now iconic Bored Apes. Each with a unique appearance and is assigned a randomized set of pre-designed qualities that grant holders access to trait-specific activations and releases.

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