5 NFT Artists From The Region to Keep an Eye Out On

Place your bets now because they’re about to blow up

The idea that digital art would trade so well or even exist to begin with, would’ve honestly sounded ridiculous but it somehow anchored itself in the reality of now. 

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs for short, have been taking the internet by storm and have been providing artists with new instruments to pan their work out on or with. For those that still feel a bit stiff about the topic, let us 101 you through it – NFTs are basically a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital blockchain online that establishes proof of ownership. 

As it is still a relatively new field, we’ve gathered 5 of some of the maverick up-and-coming names to watch and follow in the times to come. 

Muhcine Ennou


Based in Amsterdam but originally from Morocco, the young creative uses CGI and film to compel his audience with strong contemporary aesthetics and storytelling. 

Ismail Zaidy


The Moroccan photographer has turned his art into NFTs for you to be able to call yours. Playing with Morocco’s rich and wealthy culture, his increasingly popular status online is making him one of the next figures to watch in this industry. 

Mona Haddad


Based in Dubai, the young photographer has just recently made many of her works available online as NFT’s through @nifty_souq – the region’s first and largest NFT marketplace. From Portrait to fashion, travel or landscape, Mona Haddad can do it all and her NFTs are for sure going to sell out quickly so keep her name under the radar! 



Moroccans definitely seem like they have found their new niche with NFTs. Playing with elements of mainstream culture while incorporating Moroccan pop in the same frame, Blizzart’s is a name you’ll surely hear more and more of in the times to come. 

Narmeen Hamadeh


Narmeen Hamadeh is a Palestinian illustrator that never shies away from putting her identity forward while also passing important messages through her art. 

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