The Year’s Hottest Art Event is at the Pyramids

The first of its kind in 4500 years


The all-women company Art d’Egypte will be presenting a historical event at one of the world’s seven wonders: The Pyramids of Giza. For the first time in 4500 years, an international contemporary art exhibition, titled ‘Forever is Now’, will be held at the sumptuous location under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and under the international patronage of UNESCO.   

“The Pyramids have a long, illustrious history of the extraordinary kind that has fascinated and inspired artists from all over the world,” said Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, Founder of Art D’Égypte, “I’m thrilled to share what will be an unforgettable encounter with the union of art, history, and heritage” she added. 

Placing the onus on democratising the arts and presenting contemporary art in a new light within historic sites, the fourth iteration of the group’s famed series of exhibitions will host several renowned artists and figures including JR, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, and American Gisela Colon to name just a few. 

Blending ancient heritage and contemporary art together, the project has thoroughly been supported by a large panel of partners which notably includes the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, MO4 Network, The Swiss Embassy in Egypt as well as Orange S.A. amongst others. 

Alongside the main event, the spotlight will also focus on AI-DA, the world’s first ultra-realistic AI robot who will be visiting the land of the pharaohs for the first time and that will offer a unique perspective through artificial intelligence on drawings, paintings, performance art, and sculptures.

Set to take place on October 31, let’s hope that the significance of the date will give birth to one memorable night at the museum.

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