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The Ultimate Guide on What To Do, Where To Go, and Who To Meet in Marrakech

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Marrakech is hailed as one of the Internet’s favorite destinations in the region, and it’s easy to see why. The imperial city, located in the North African Kingdom’s south, has managed to attract millions of tourists in the past handful of decades seeking out traditional flavorful cuisine, bustling marketplaces, and heavenly hammams. Although the city has reimagined its urban landscape and modernized its infrastructure in recent times, it has managed to retain its traditional aura and authentic identity that’s made its fame over the years, which is part of what makes it so captivating and enduring. 

A celebrity hotspot in the Arab World, the Ochre City regularly plays host to a slew of A-listers looking for a relaxing break from their busy routines, notably by getting lost in the medina’s enchanting maze and enjoying dream-like views in a quite-like-no-other decor, surrounded by their close ones. In the past, Al Nasr FC’s newest striker, namely quintuple Ballon D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, was known for often visiting Marrakech during his decade-long spell with Los Merengues in Madrid, so much so, that the five-time-winner of the UEFA Champion’s League now even owns an eponymously named hotel, quite literally a five minute walk away from the town center.  Meanwhile, many designers of the past like Yves Saint Laurent have found themselves spellbound by the city’s undeniable charm.

Last month, MILLE was lucky enough to fly over to the city that leaves no one indifferent, courtesy of La Maison De L’Artisan, who invited us to attend the 7th edition of the Moroccan National Handicrafts Week. After an impressive opening, where we saw government officials, company representatives, and NGO board members exchange, strike deals, and take the stage to explain why, now more than ever, it is important to protect the country’s age-old crafts, uphold the artisans that bring life to these practices, and invest in the future generation to bring their talent to fruition, our hosts were keen on showing us around the city.

During our epic journey, we were warmly greeted by some of the talents that call Marrakech home, and discovered locations where you could easily stay at for hours. Special mention to the medina’s markets— we got enticed by every snack inside. Not ones to keep all of these stellar discoveries to ourselves, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide for you, dear readers, of what to do, who to meet, and where to go when next in Marrakech. 


Les Jardins Majorelle

Designed by expatriate French painter Jacques Majorelle over the course of 40 years, and eventually opened to the public in 1947, the gardens host a vibrant deep blue house, which used to be Majorelle’s studio, as well as a cactus garden, a koi pond, and various other species of plants and flowers, coming from all corners of the globe, showcased across 9,000 m². Having become a popular tourist attraction in Marrakech, the iconic, yet mysterious, patch of green land also features a museum dedicated to Amazigh culture. 

Yves Saint Laurent museum


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Mere seconds away from the stunning Les Jardins Majorelle, The Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech is a museum that pays homage to the life and work of the famous French fashion designer of the same name. The museum is located in a restored 18th-century palace, which was once the home of the late couturier and his partner, Pierre Bergé. The space proudly hosts a permanent collection of Saint Laurent’s first drafts and moments of life, a research library, as well as an auditorium specifically built for events, talks, and lectures. 

Jajjah Space


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Jajjah Space is every creative’s dream location come true. Laying its foundational bricks right on the outskirts of Marrakech, Jajjah, drawing its name from its founder Hassan Hajjaj, a world-recognized photographer who shot the likes of Billie Eilish, EL Grande Toto, Madonna, and Draganov in his decades-spanning career. If you’re lucky enough, you might find the man himself, having a coffee and more than happy to share a cigarette with you. 

Featuring a canteen that serves typical Moroccan favorites, a traditional Moroccan living room that serves as a working space or lecture room, a show space, and a personal shop, Jajjah is our favorite when we’re in the mood to meet up with like-minded people and connect with fellow artists and culture-making individuals.

Jamaa El Fna square


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Considered the beating heart of the city, Jamaa El Fna is where everything happens. Its centuries-old market is home to hundreds of shops, boutiques, and snack spots for you to get lost in for hours and see your wallet empty itself in the afternoon. 


Riad El Fenn

If we’re being honest, it’s really the views that set Riad El Fenn apart. You can enjoy dinner while taking in a breathtaking view of the iconic Koutoubia Mosque as well as the colorful rooftops of Marrakech overlooking the restaurant. With a hearty menu of delicious dishes, featuring specialties from all over the world, no one ever heads back home disappointed from lunch at El Fenn. 

Those that are only in the mood for a drink don’t have to worry either as a team of skilled mixologists are on standby at the bar, and when the sun goes down, the space turns into the ideal soirée spot.

Le Jardin Marrakech

Nestled within the small alleys of the world-renowned medina, Le Jardin is a can’t-miss restaurant in Marrakech. Offering a unique blend of Moroccan and European flavors, this modern yet traditional eatery is known for its delicious dishes and stunning decor. The signature zellige tiles covering the walls coupled with the surrounding greenery provide a peaceful and refreshing escape from the busy interactions outside. We’ve seen, we’ve tried, and we can vouch for it.

Comptoir Darna


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Whichever the motive, Comptoir Darna is never a bad idea. Whether you’re craving hearty fusion meals against traditional decor or in the mood to move your hips on the first floor to some of the Kingdom’s best DJ sets, the five-star spot does indeed offer a five-star experience to all of its guests. A must-visit for newcomers to the city and locals alike, make sure to make a reservation in advance if ever wanting to spend an evening at Comptoir Darna, as the restaurant gets booked up quickly.  


33 Rue Majorelle


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When talking about those pushing Moroccan culture forward, 33 Rue Majorelle is an important name. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the Jardin Majorelle itself, the concept store invites creatives, from all over the spectrum, to come showcase their sartorial experiments, using the shop’s platform to help spread the word on their own works. Inside the shop, you will be able to come across a chic selection of high-end clothing, all designed and stitched by Moroccan talents, as well as an array of refined decor items for the home. 

Chaabi Chic

Bringing a modern twist to traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, Chaabi Chic offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing handmade products from home decor and small furniture to kitchen accessories, body care cosmetics, and home fragrances. The lifestyle label, which was founded by two women, seeks to bring the Moroccan touch into all homes and houses, fusing centuries of culture and history into everyday instruments and accessories. 

Cote Bougie 

You never really know you need a candle until you have one at home — or at least that was my case when I paid Cote Bougie a visit last month. The family business of three is a leader in the world of fragrances in Morocco, offering everything from infused candles to perfumes, diffusers, and more, with a rich catalog of vibrant scents and enchanting odors on the menu. Whether you’re looking for a gift or seeking to blow some new life into your living space, Cote Bougie is the perfect place for exactly just that.

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