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Travis Scott’s Pyramids of Giza Performance Canceled, Confirms Live Nation

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Despite repeated reassurance from the representatives of Travis Scott that the Utopia album launch in Egypt would go on as planned on July 28, less than 24 hours ahead of the American rapper’s much-awaited album release party, which was expected to be held at the Pyramids of Giza’s esplanade, Live Nation has unfortunately taken the unprecedented decision to cancel the event. 

In a short statement published this afternoon, the American events promoter and venue operator claimed that the unexpected turn of events was due to “complex productions issues,” resulting in difficulties in assembling the stage and accompanying artifacts in such harsh conditions in the desert. 

The news comes just one week after Egypt’s Musicians Syndicate, known for repeatedly throwing spanners in the works of performing artists, had communicated their disapproval of the concert and plans to “cancel the license issued for hosting this type of concert, which goes against the cultural identity of the Egyptian people,” after examining social media opinion and feedback. While fans were saddened by the news of the cancelation, Live Nation claimed that the show would still go on. However, that is no longer the case today. 

Issuing a heartfelt apology, the entertainment company assured ticket holders that they would receive refunds at their point of purchase without necessarily alluding as to whether the event will be rescheduled elsewhere, leaving fans uncertain about the roll-out of Scott’s fourth studio album’s future. 


As the news spread across social media and various news outlets, speculations and discussions run rampant, with fans and critics alike sharing their opinions and theories about the reasons behind the sudden cancelation, questioning the actual veracity of the supposed “complex production issues.” 

Some suggested that the issues of organizing such a large-scale event in a historical location might indeed have been underestimated, especially at a time when temperatures around the world are reaching all-time highs. Others speculated the above justification as being an excuse to potentially cover up a decision made by the Egyptian government or associated institutions, even more so when one would take into account Live Nation’s almost impeccable track record in organizing events of a similar scale. 

Whatever the reason, one of the longest sagas of the summer season has seemingly finally reached its end, leaving the Antidote rapper’s fanbase impatiently waiting for comments and updates from the artist himself.

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