TwoArabMinds Unveil Their Second Collection

From IG to your wardrobe

At this point, practically everyone you know belongs to some kind of online community. For the region and its diaspora, TwoArabMinds was one of them. And it’s growing. 

What initially started off as an account most followed for its photo curation is now moving beyond the digital space. The platform is taking steps into the world of fashion, releasing their very own collection.

The platform-turned-label had already launched a first line of clothing and accessories in the summer of 2021 and it was quite a success. You might have come across their bandanas, tote bag or  t-shirts on your feed with  several celebrities and influencers like Jordanian designer Amina Muaddi or French-Algerian Younes Bendjima sporting them. 

Progressively inking their presence in the scene, the brand is now back with a winter special, titled “The Moon Is Yours“, which ostensibly draws inspiration from the moon’s aura and beauty in an effort ‘to make romanticism sparkle around this element’.

Finding strength in simplicity, the clean-cut designs embody the page’s ethos and spirit to almost perfection. Reeking of that late-1990s and early-2000s aesthetic, the collection brings life to the former visual gallery and newly launched brand by threading its romantic yet thug mindset onto undeniably cool and edgy pieces.

We can’t stop ourselves from wondering whether the collection’s name is a hint to Mathieu Kassovitz’s classic film “La Haine”,  a movie putting the focus on the young Arab diaspora during the 90s in the suburbs of Paris.“The Moon Is Yours” could come in contrast to the French-director’s “The World Is Yours” repeatedly seen throughout the award-wining feature. Wherever the exact inspiration is from, the recently unveiled collection is meaningful and strong-willed. On sale until January 17, there’s still time to put your hands on what are surely about to sell out soon textiles.

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