5 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Anyone Can Maintain

Green thumb not required

Unless you’re an expert botanist with a magical green thumb, you’re probably familiar with the disappointment of having a plant die on you. While they’re a really easy way of bringing life to any apartment, they sometimes require more TLC than any of us have time for.


Turns out, even if you’re always on the go, you don’t have to settle for artificial plants. The secret to successful gardening is to keep plants that require as little nurturing as possible—and lucky for us, there are plenty to choose from.


From cacti to bamboo, here are five good-looking, easy-to-maintain houseplants you can use to jazz up your living room.


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Cowboy Cactus

Cacti are everyone’s go-to succulents. There are a number of species, and despite popular belief, not all are ideal for keeping indoors. If you’re looking to fill out an empty corner, try the cowboy cactus. All you need to do is keep it near sunlight and away from your air vents, also, it only needs watering once every two weeks.


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The best thing about Aloe plants is that you hardly need to do anything in terms of care. When it comes to sunlight, they like to be kept somewhere light – but far away from harsh rays. You only need to water it when the soil is completely dry—which means every month or two during winters, and every other week in the summer heat. Also, not only is aloe easily maintained, but also you can use the gel to soothe your skin and moisturise your hair.



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Snake Plant

This indoor plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves, which grow tall and stand straight. The hale and hearty houseplant is both low-maintenance and beneficial. While most plants will share your oxygen, this one will produce more at night, improving overall air quality. When it comes to watering, you only need to worry about it every few weeks.


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Fiddle Leaf Fig

This tall lush plant is known for its adaptability. It can get accustomed to practically any environment, making it the perfect plant regardless of where you live. The Fiddle Leaf Fig needs light but doesn’t like direct sun rays, so it’s best to keep it tucked in a corner. You only need to water it when the top layer of soil is dry, so frequency will depend on the climate.



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Lucky Bamboo

The Chinese good luck charm is the perfect plant for novice gardeners. It doesn’t need to be planted in soil, so put it in a clear vase filled with water and it’ll fit in with any décor.  If you want it to grow, keep it in a place where it can catch some sun, but it’ll do fine in low-light environments too.



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