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6 of Tarek El Kassouf’s Best Designs

A cheat sheet to the award winning Lebanese designer’s best work

Lebanese architect-turned designer Tarek El Kassouf is passionate about Beirut. Despite splitting his time between Beirut and Sydney, it is the Lebanese capital, and more specifically the inherent uncertainty that stems from it, that serves the El Kassouf’s inspiration behind his geometric mind-bending designs, which have cemented El Kassouf one of Lebanon’s most acclaimed designers.


From buildings and furniture to more abstract objects, El Kassouf’s interpretation of design is intrinsically connected to art. Having created a wide and diverse range of award winning design objects, El Kassouf has been featured in more than 20 international exhibitions and this year, the Lebanese former architect also participated in an artist residency program at the renowned Swatch Art Gallery in Shanghai.


Inherently polyvalent and multi-disciplinary, his hybrid and conceptual approach has led him to launch two lines of creations, exploring various materials and textures. His furniture range combines advanced engineering and intricate craftsmanship, while the ‘Something by Tarek’ range (inspired by the simple things of life and handmade by artisans) reinterprets and celebrates the beauty of mundane objects.


MILLE rounds up 6 of his best designs to date.



Minerality II – The melting Lamps



Square One Table



Gold Cuts



Minerality I



Lean Lamps



Collectible Curiosities

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