5 of Euphoria’s Most Iconic Looks

Cult show, cult fashion

It’s already been over two years since Euphoria premiered and drew us all in. The HBO show is finally back with its second season—and yes, it’s still just as iconic as ever.

But didn’t take long after the show’s debut for it to hit cult-like status, and not just for its plotlines. Whether you’re a fan or not, you know exactly what we mean when we say ‘Euphoria-inspired.’ We’re talking about pastel-hued, rhinestone-filled makeup and ultra-daring fits.

The scantily-clad-and-probably-not-high-school appropriate looks quickly reached icon-status. Without a doubt, they’ve inspired a generation—turning into reference points for both Halloween costumes and everyday wardrobes.

As we step into the show’s second season and brace ourselves with what the new episodes have to offer, we rounded up five of our favourite looks


Maddy at winter formal


Maddy at the carnival


Rue’s Hawaiian shirts


Kat’s mesh and corsets at the mall


Jules’s Angel costume

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