Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New Airpods

They’ve already made a lot of noise

AirPods have clearly become a must-have accessory over the years, and the craze doesn’t seem like it’ll be dying anytime soon. Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has come through with its annual keynote to introduce its new line of products that are set to make it onto the world’s shelves in the weeks to come. 

Amongst them all, the revolutionary ear-device was granted a new brush-up with a third iteration that has gotten everyone online talking about them–both good and bad. 

This new release surely does give us the impression of a déjà-vu as the third generation of AirPods do look very similar to the Pro’s which have been out on the market since October 2019. Although the new iteration won’t include the noise-cancelling feature, other note-worthy characteristics have made their way onto the piece. 

Sweat and water resistant, the company made sure to increase the earbud’s battery life to last up to six hours on a full charge and up to an hour with five minutes of charging. The new Airpods also include spatial audio feature which will “create a three-dimensional theater-like experience, placing sound virtually anywhere in space”. 

Specifically built to be compatible with wireless Magsafe chargers, the new AirPods have powerfully been recreated to perpetuate their legacy of having “forever changed wireless headphones with their groundbreaking design, incredible sound, and magical experience”. 

Set to release on October 26, Tim Cook’s newest brainchild will retail at around $199 and will for sure give you ideas on what present to ask for with end of year celebrations around the corner. 

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