3 Crypto Kingpins Have Died Under Mysterious Circumstances in the Past Few Weeks

Are we the only ones that find it super weird?


The world of crypto is usually met with raised eyebrows and sideways glances, almost like the very notion of the subject is illegal. In some countries, that may be true, but for the wider world crypto is ever changing and developing from day to day.

Those of you following crypto news recently will recall the recent demise of the exchange empire FTX, seeing his CEO John J. Ray III face legal prosecution, and one of its founders Sam Bankman-Fried unceremoniously fired from his position on market manipulation suspicions. In the midst of these events, come the deaths of  three large scale crypto-investors.

Vyacheslav Taran, a Russian crypto typhoon, was the most recent victim in a helicopter crash along the French-Italian border. According to Russian media sites, Taran was in charge of the growth and collapse of Forex Club, which had its license revoked in Russia in 2018 for allegedly defrauding investors.

The news of his death was followed by the passing of 30-year-old Tiantian Kullander, who allegedly died in his sleep. Kullander was a co-founder of Amber Group, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading company that was reportedly valued at $3 billion. On Nov. 25, the company announced on its website that he had passed away.

However, the Internet is looking at this with great suspicion, as he had no history of ill health prior to his passing.

And, most recently, it has been reported that 29-year-old wealthy bitcoin developer Nikolai Mushegian drowned in Puerto Rico. After the news of Mushegian’s death started circulating, people were quick to refer to a series of cryptic Tweets allegedly posted by an account belonging to him shortly before his passing.

Following this pretty morbid news, some users looked back online at previous enigmatic or inexplicable deaths and disappearances, but again, there was little to link the three together, other than crypto.

Cryptocurrency’s volatility, the numerous scandals that have surrounded it, and its promotion as a decentralized alternative to traditional banking systems have encouraged heated debate and theorizing from all sides. But one Twitter user summed up my opinion best: 

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