A Look at the Apps Replacing Facebook and Instagram

Say hello to internet 3.0

Remember the innocent days when the internet was solely used for sending emails and MSN messenger? That was what tech specialists call internet 1.0. Today, in it’s 2.0 version, we’ve experienced the birth of social media (and a lot of data mining) and the emergence of transportation apps like Lyft and Uber. I mean, where would we be without UBEReats?

But with Snapchat losing traction on a daily basis (and Facebook becoming the epicenter of data mining) MILLE introduces you to the apps that will make Instagram and Facebook look out of touch.

Brave instead of Google Chrome

This browser is an app you can download on your phone. It’s twice as faster as Chrome or Safari.

Storj instad of Dropbox or Google Drive

Storj is the future. Imagine all of your information encrypted and secured. In addition to that, the best feature of this app is that it allows you to rent extra space and make extra cash by renting it.

Experty instead of Skype

The purpose of this app is to allow professionals to share their information instantly with other users. What’s great about this app is that it allows users to get what they need from a professional in no time and they pay instantly. Experty also encourages the use of cryptocurrency.

EOS instead of Android and IOS

This platform was exclusively made to use all the decentralized Apps we mentioned before. This system is the most powerful and flexible system out there for the web 3.0.

Steemit instead of Facebook and Twitter

Steemit is a blog / social network website where the community pays you for your articles – and the result in expertly curated high quality content. Steemit is filled with articles and different themes from travel to science to finance.

Status instead of Whatsapp

Status fundamentally blends a browser with an instant messaging service that allows users (on smartphones) to use apps. The users can send, receive and store crypto assets (cryptocurrencies) on their phone and they can also catch other geographically close Status users in order to make new transactions and share ideas and services.

Vero instead of Instagram

If you hate the new Instagram algorithm, this app is for you. Vero is ad-free and keeps very little data information on its users so there is no way of selling them to advertisers. Hopefully it won’t change its game in the future and that it will stay as clean and pure as it is right now.

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