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5 Arab Recipes to Try This Summer

The perfect seasonal dishes

Summer is here and as the sun rays get hotter, our appetites get smaller- but that shouldn’t stop any of us from getting our daily doses of nutrition.

With temperatures skyrocketing and heatwaves becoming more and more recurrent, eating alfresco has become go to diets in this sunny season. The good news is, the region’s varied cuisines are full of options.

Vegetarian and vegan, these recipes tick all the boxes for a healthy and hearty summer. Scroll down to explore some of the region’s wide range of plant-based and mouth-watering dishes to keep you light and get you through the heat. 

Moroccan salad

Also known as Chlada, the salad really is the perfect way to connect with the environment as well as the season’s vegetables. Known for being a must before, during and even after your main meal, the staple appetiser is mainly made of cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, onions and is covered in fresh green parsley and pure olive oil. Great to have at any time of day, you’ll be hooked to it without even noticing.


Very popular in North Africa, Zaalouk is often described as an eggplant caviar to enjoy at any time of day. If one should never judge a book by its cover then Zaalouk should not be judged by its looks but rather by its taste and delicious smell. Thick and spicy, the paste can be savoured on traditional bread or its own. Either way, the blend of tomatoes and aubergine might be the next food trend you’ll want to hop onto.  

Galayet Bandoura

Is there really a dish in the Middle East that doesn’t involve tomatoes ? Galayet Bandoura is a typical Jordanian dish which is probably one of the easiest one to chef up from this list. Pick up some nice red (we’ll let you guess what), sizzle them in olive oil and add spices and serve with pita bread. Enjoy it hot or cold but just trust us when we tell you that there’s no going back from it once you taste. 


Mouttabal is something like Zaalouk’s lost Levantine brother. Mainly using eggplant, swap the tomatoes this time for some yoghurt and tahini whilst also adding some garlic and squished lemons for a perfect dip to enjoy through late summer nights.


Very popular within the Middle East and especially in Lebanon, the fattoush salad is an extremely healthy dish with a vegan aspect that appeals to a worldwide audience and which makes it a hit beyond the borders of the Arab world. Made of cucumbers, romaine lettuce, radish, mint, parsley, onions and more: it’s safe to say that the snack is very rich in content. Let’s hope that you’ll enjoy us just as much as we do ! 

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