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Astrology Could Help Us Cope With Coronavirus Depression

When in doubt, follow these IG astrology accounts

Many of us grew up with the threat of recession, terrorism, climate change and now, a pandemic. In a world that feels increasingly more uncertain, it’s only natural that we are desperately searching for meaning and support to make sense of what’s happening. 

If your Instagram feed is constantly flooded with astrology memes, you probably already know your sun, rising and moon—and the entire astrological chart of your crush and colleagues too. 

From what we should wear to who we should date, what music we should listen to, and what cocktail we should drink, our entire lives can be guided by our signs. What was once deemed something foolish, finally seems to have become totally acceptable. 

But during this once-in-a-century pandemic, the question we’re now asking ourselves is: “How will we survive?”. Some might argue that astrology can predict everything, but what we’re looking for in times of crisis and panic, isn’t certainty, it’s comfort and control. 

While we’re all stuck at home and anxious about our health and jobs, maybe astrology could be our therapy? And unlike therapy, the answers we need can now be found faster than ever. 

Looking for support (and humour)? We round up our favourite astrology-themed Instagram accounts to help you cope.


Counting almost 1 million followers on IG, @themantraco helps us “maintain strong emotional health through the powers of mantra and astrology”, as described on the account’s bio. We love both their deep and light-hearted content. 


If you’re an astrology novice, @sanctuary is a great place to start. Follow now if you’re looking to feel good and wholesome. 


Sharing stirring horscopes, Nadine Jane is your destination if you’re looking for the best self-care practices according to your Zodiac sign.


The most radical astrologist out there, Chani Nicholas (who recently published the book You Were Born for This) isn’t just trying to help us feel better and accepted ourselves. She wants us to change the world. We’re totally here for it.


Memes are particularly viral these days, because they give people what they want—laughter. Combined with astrology, it seems just like the perfect combo for those looking to have fun on the internet.

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