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stranger things

In Conversation With Stranger Things’ David Harbour

Everything you need to know on season 4

stranger things

Spooky season might be a long time away from now but, by the looks of it, it might be coming in early. Netflix’s iconic Stranger Things is finally back after a long period of wait. Six years after its initial inception, the three season-long mystery might finally reach closer to its end as the fantastic four children from Hawkins are back to hopefully put a final full stop to their series of unfortunate events. 

Scheduled for release this upcoming May 22, the televised piece of science fiction trailed a group of youngsters through extraterrestrial discoveries and haunting encounters in their hometown. Widely considered as one of the American streaming giant’s biggest successes on the platform so far, the thrilling adventures of the heartwarming squad have been followed by thousands, to not say millions, of viewers around the globe and they gathering back to give us one more dose of suspense, horror and fright.


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Available to stream in less than a handful of weeks, we naturally had to reach out to the cast to try to know more about how the storyline is about to evolve. David Harbour, better known as Hopper in the series, answered our call to give us a first taste of what to expect in his character development. Here’s what he had to say:

How does the character you play differ from the previous season? 

He’s much more brutal. He had this sort of death and now he’s to some extent resurrected in this Russian prison. But like said, we’ll definitely be seeing a much more brutal side of him this season. He’s a prisoner now, in a cold environment, in a miserable jail, and there’s a monster there too that he has to deal with. Ultimately, what he’s also struggling with are secrets that he’s kept for a long time and doesn’t know how to process. It’s at his lowest point that he’s able to deal with this stuff.

How would you describe his frame of mind?

His frame of mind is much darker and has less “joie de vivre” in it. He has this Harrison ford type of qualities all throughout past seasons and certainly last season, there was some sort of bigness to him. This season there’s very little of that because he’s broken and hopeless.

What is it like to immerse yourself in a Cold War world again? 

The colours and the paints that you see of Russia will immerse viewers into that world. I’m immersed in the emotional components of that. It was a brutal world to shoot in. The snow, the cold weather, the malnourishment, those were all things that felt messed up. The stuff I had to go through, like the physical or mental abuse are obviously things that were very hard. 

What can we expect from his character development? 

On one level, he’s trying to get out of this brutal physical environment that he’s in with the monster and guards, get out of prison and get back to Hawkins to the people he loves.

On an emotional level, the only way to awaken the warrior that he needs is to purge this secret that he’s been holding on to for a long time. 


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