Could We Be Getting a Mohamed Ramadan and Future Collab?

Not even AI could have thought of this crossover

In an era where the most unexpected and random of cross-overs can come to life with the help of artificial intelligence, Egyptian singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan recently revealed not needing any of the above as he is currently working, and finalizing, a project that for a long time felt like it was probably impossible or too ambitious to even consider. This week,  Ramadan announced that he is set to share a track with the one and only king of toxic masculinity and mumble-rap: Future. 

During a recent interview with TV host Esaad Younis on her widely watched weekly show Sahibet al-Saada, the 34-year-old Ensay singer made an exciting announcement that left viewers and fans eagerly anticipating his next upcoming musical venture. Specifically, Ramadan unveiled plans to collaborate with the Atlanta-based rapper in what is set to be Future’s first feature with an artist hailing from the Arab World.  

“The most expensive rapper in the world is called Future, and this is the first song he will perform with an Arab singer. He sees that Mohamed Ramadan is an advantage in the Middle East, and I see him as an advantage in the whole world,” Ramadan said of the forthcoming collaboration. 

With levels of excitement running high amongst music enthusiasts, the mere mention of a potential collaboration between two titans of the industry in their own right has stirred up a frenzied buzz online, though details are still scarce. Whether the artists will tap into the pulsating energy of trap beats or fuse together on a mesmerizing blend of chaabi-esque rhythms, only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the world is waiting with bated breath to experience the head-bopping moment that will inevitably unfold.


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