emily in paris season 3

Emily (In Paris) Adds Handbag By Moroccan Artist Nadia Chellaoui to Her Collection

When art meets fashion

emily in paris season 3

Cult Netflix series Emily in Paris is back for season three, and as expected viewers were treated to head-turning fashion from the show’s protagonist Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) and her best friend Mindy Chen (Ashley Park). This season, the love-it-or-hate-it-show, which is known for its fashion just as much as it is for its saccharine storyline, offers plenty of inspiration for our 2023 wardrobes — with help from costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, who co-designed season two.

Among the inimitable lineup of looks displayed by Emily throughout the 10 episodes was a number of up-and-coming, independent, and local brands, with one in particular catching our eye. In episode two titled What’s It All About…, Emily attends a glitzy gala wearing a winged zebra-print Dolce & Gabbana blazer paired with Miu Miu shorts and accessorized with a quirky handbag from Paris-based Moroccan leatherworker and painter Nadia Chellaoui. 


Emily rocked the white version of the geometric micro bag, dubbed the Baby Calips’Oh, which is handmade in Morocco and comes in various colorways such as red and deep blue. The purse is emblazoned with an abstract figure of a woman’s face, which has become the signature of Chellaoui’s creations. First, the face is pre-drawn before Moroccan craftswomen carefully embroider it with a selection of colorful threads. The result is a striking marriage of modern art with traditional craftsmanship.

More than just a handbag— Chellaoui refers to her pieces as transportable works of art— her striking accessories are a literal representation of the relationship between art and fashion— look no further than the brand’s tote bags fashioned out of burlap that is hand-embroidered with florals in summery hues.  

Nadia Chellaoui the designer behind the bag of emily in paris


Citing the likes of Picasso and Modigliani as inspirations, the Casablanca-born artist has long been drawn to cubism and vibrant colors, which is apparent in her range of easily-recognizable luxury leather goods, which include wallets, fanny packs, totes, and sandals that transcend seasons to become collectibles for years to come.

While Chellaoui’s work doesn’t necessarily need a co-sign from the Netflix series, it certainly doesn’t hurt considering that the show is practically a springboard for emerging labels looking to reach wider audiences and become known internationally. While viewers love to hate Emily in Paris, they also want the outfits. Searches for items worn by the show’s characters increase exponentially as viewers attempt to emulate Emily and co. For instance, a lace dress from emerging French label Weinsanto’s Fall 2021 collection worn in season two by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, sold out instantly and is still flying off shelves today.

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