Everything You Need to Know About Glossier’s New Brand

The wait is over

For weeks, American beauty company Glossier has teased its fans through a series of cryptic and vague images on a new Instagram page that racked up hundreds of thousands followers before an official announcement was even made.

“After two years in the making, we can’t wait for you to see, touch, hear, swatch, and play with what’s to come,” the company wrote on Instagram prior to the launch.

On Monday, the new brand was revealed—and it’s very glittery. The cult label, known for its ultra-minimalist product range, has expanded, setting the beauty world on ablaze with its new, flashy sub-brand called Glossier Play.

Described as “a brand of dialed-up beauty extras,” Glossier Play is made of six new products. Unlike their previous range of more subdued everyday essentials, the spinoff brand is full of glitter and pigments.

The release includes Colorslide, a gel eyeliner pencil in 14 shades, Vinylic Lip, a high-shine lacquer in six shades, Glitter Gelée, a glitter gel in four shades, and Niteshine, a buildable pearlescent highlighter in four shades.

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