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According To Science, These Are the Hottest Bald Men of 2023

bc bald is beautiful

Men probably only ever talk about two recurring topics. The first is how they narrowly missed out on being signed by a top-flight football club as a result of an imaginary knee injury. The second, perhaps equally consuming, centers on earnestly exchanging tips with each other on how to avoid hair loss. Coming up with all kinds of remedies to counteract such a normal and inevitable aspect of aging, in recent years, men have proven to be willing to walk the extra mile— or fly to Turkey— to keep their hairline from receding. 

Fortunately, the body-positive movement is having a major moment. In fact, the eradication of pre-established beauty standards has grown into the new norm and it applies to genders on the spectrum. As Gen Zs relentlessly challenge age-old notions of what is considered attractive, the narrative surrounding the process of balding seems to have changed. Rather than viewing it as a source of concern or stress, it seems as if more men have been reclaiming it and turning it into a symbol of confidence, or even empowerment— and the shift hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

In a recent survey conducted by Skull Shaver, a prominent English razor company, it was revealed that 87.5% of women, spanning different ages and nationalities, express a strong attraction to bald men. British SEO specialists at Reboot delved deeper into the topic, attempting to identify the world’s sexiest bald men in 2023. Their criteria included global search interest, voice attractiveness, and cranial shine. Another determinant taken into account was their self-developed “Golden Ratio”: a percentage of attractiveness provided by an algorithm that scans several pictures of a given personality and quantifies their facial structures out of 100. 

Without further ado, here are the hottest bald men in the world according to  ”science.”

Jeff Bezos

With a net worth of $144 billion, the world’s second richest person is apparently the fifth most attractive bald man by scoring 7.12/10  overall on a scale of hotness.

Samuel L. Jackson

We’re used to hearing Samuel L. Jackson’s name when it comes to his upcoming roles in Hollywood blockbusters, but this year, most headlines have been all about his looks. Already named the “sexiest man alive” by Glamour Magazine in its  2023 November issue, the 74-year-old American actor ranks fourth in Reboot’s list of hottest bald men of the year with an average of 7.31/10 for attractiveness. 

Jason Statham

It’s hardly surprising seeing Statham rounding out the top three of Reboot’s study. If many of us equate him to being the epitome of cool, others find him incredibly attractive, and honestly, we understand why. The British actor reportedly boasts 26,000 global yearly searches for him “shirtless” and “naked,” which only seems to testify towards his magnetic charisma on and off screens. 

Vin Diesel

In numbers, Vin Diesel ranked number one for shine factor out of all the celebrities compared as part of the study, with a score of 74%, skyrocketing him to a commendable second place in the overall rankings. The Fast & Furious actor, who topped the list in 2022,can take pride in being the reigning champion of shine, proving that his baldness not only symbolizes Hollywood cool but also undeniable attractiveness.

Prince William

Get ready to bow down as this year, it’s none other than Prince William who is topping the list of “world’s sexiest bald man” of 2023. Scoring a showstopping 9.88/10, The Prince of Wales has officially claimed the throne as the undisputed monarch of hotness, proving that his aristocratic charm extends beyond royal standards of beauty. 

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