rakeen saad safeh el gizeh

Everything You Need to Know About Jordanian Actress Rakeen Saad

Meet the new star of ‘Safeh El Gizeh’

rakeen saad safeh el gizeh

Get ready for an enthralling ride as the much-anticipated miniseries Safah El Gizeh is set to premiere on MBC’s streaming platform, Shahid on Aug. 25. The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast featuring Egyptian stars Ahmad Fehmy, Bassem Samra, and Salah Abdallah, alongside rising Jordanian actress Rakeen Saad. This gripping narrative promises to unravel Arab crime history’s enigmatic figure, Gaddafi Farag, while interweaving the haunting story of Zina—a young dreamer turned captive, portrayed by none other than Saad, who first made waves for her stellar performance in Netflix’s Al Rawabi School for Girls.

Saad’s portrayal of Zina is poised to be a captivating centerpiece of the based-on-a-true-story show. With her knack for delving deep into characters’ complexities, the 33-year-old actress adds a layer of mystery and depth to the role, ensuring audiences are in for an emotional and suspenseful journey. As the narrative unfolds, Saad’s performance is set to illuminate the screen, proving her versatility and skill in bringing multidimensional characters to life.

As the date of Safah El Gizeh’s premiere draws near, MILLE rounds up some lesser-known facts about the Jordanian actress that you (probably) didn’t know.

She comes from an artistic family 

rakeen saad mother

Saad’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her family heritage. Born into a Jordanian household with a strong affinity for art and media, she grew up in an environment that fostered creativity and expression. Her father is the esteemed journalist Saad Al-Silawi, who held pivotal roles as the regional director of MBC Group and Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath. Meanwhile, her mother, Rawabi Abu Ghazaleh, is a jewelry designer known for her innovative aesthetics.

Needless to say that her parents were her biggest supporters who recognized her talent and pushed her to fully embrace her passion for arts. At the tender age of ten, she made her initial steps in the realm of acting by joining the National Center for Culture and Arts at the King Hussein Foundation.

Safah El Gizeh is not her first Egyptian role

rakeen saad rivo

While Safah El Gizeh marks her latest role, it certainly isn’t her first venture into the vibrant Egyptian television scene. Saad made her foray to the Egyptian small screens in Wahat Al Ghoroub, a production that brought together luminaries like Menna Shalaby and Khaled El Nabawi. 

Notably, the up-and-comer cemented herself as a versatile actress with her pivotal role in the second season of the  much-loved Watch IT series, Rivo. Directed by the talented Yahya Ismail and released in June, the new season introduced additions to the crew like Sarah Abdel Rahman and Seddky Sakher. Within this captivating narrative, Saad stepped into the character of Maryam—a determined individual who embarks on a journey to bring her late father’s script about the iconic Rivo band to life. As the famous band forms a significant backdrop to the story, Saad’s performance is made all the more compelling.

Her breakthrough role was in Netflix hit Al Rawabi School for Girls 

rakeen saad al rawabi school

Streaming platforms carved the path for lesser-known faces to get the recognition they deserved and showcase their talent in front of a broader audience. The Netflix hit Al Rawabi School for Girls serves as one of the first productions to garner immense popularity in the Arab world while propelling new talents from Jordan into the spotlight

As the teenage drama saw the female protagonists painting an intricate image of what’s like being a teenage girl in the Arab World, each role resonated with viewers across the region and beyond. Saad played the role of “Noaf”, an enigmatic newcomer to the Al Rawabi school whose complexity and intriguing aura add another layer to the plot. Immersed in a rebellious character, her performance propelled audiences to sympathize with and cheer for her, culminating into a newfound recognition and ushering a new era in her career. 

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