A Look Inside Gucci’s Dreamy Diner

Dana Boulos directs a video for MILLE

MILLE teamed up with Gucci to create a dreamy diner. Featuring the region’s young, uninhibited creative scene, we immerse you in a surrealistic and little-seen-before side of Dubai.

Directed by Lebanese-Sudanese director Dana Boulos—famed for her pastel-soft aesthetic and rebellious gaze— the short film features Bahraini photographer Mashael Alsaie, Cypriot photographer Prod Antzoulis, Lebanese illustrator Nour Flayhan, Palestinian founder of streetwear brand Anthlgy Rami Afifi, Californian Chef Ashley Wentling, as well as Boulos herself.

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Sweatshirt with metal Guccify print
Laminated sparkling GG jersey jogging pant
Leather and mesh sandal

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Screener leather sneaker

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Jackie medium GG hobo bag

[hotspot id=’30375′ /]

Oversize tweed bomber jacket

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Macro GG diamond wool jacket

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GG jacquard armchair
Basketball shaped mini shoulder bag

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Fumus, medium Star Eye candle

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Velvet and leather sandal with crystals
Star Eye vase

Director: Dana Boulos

Director of Photography: Bernard Evans

Creative Director: Sofia Guellaty

Creative / Casting: Sarah Ben Romdane

Set Design: Ace of Space

Editing: Jacob Weiss

Hair and Make-up: Ania and Kasia G

Special thanks to: Rami Farook

Shot at: Maisan15, Dubai

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